Spooning before wake up.
things i hate about her

you were together for 2 years 

you still share a flat with her 

she knows you better than anyone else

she’s too nice

she’s pretty

she’s intelligent

she’s a great cook

you’ve still got a lot in common

you share a lot of history 

she’s your age

there’s still pictures of you and her everywhere

you used to say your life was “perfect” because of her

your mum likes her, she seemingly dislikes me 

all your friends know her and like her too

you’re from the same place

you just look like you belong with her 

i dont know why i torture myself and look to see if the pictures/posts of you two have been taken down because i know they wont have been. and it makes me feel like utter fucking shite when i see the old pictures of you both. the fact she is still in your life, constantly, and you see her every single fucking day plays on my mind all the time. i thought i was ok with it. im not. 

Idk I just fucking hate coming back to Hull. I still get treated like I’m about 6, I have no fucking friends, all I do is go to college and work and study and I just want Jay

Fucking hate being at home, I’m just so tempted to get on the next train to Manchester and never come back


I couldn’t find one so I made one its not that great but it’s the first time I made one so whatever haha

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